My main inspiration comes from my recent experiences traveling to Scotland.  I have had the privilege to visit the country twice and both times have influenced me greatly.  The experiences I had left me with a feeling of homesickness for a place that I've never even lived.  Something indescribable clicks with me over there that doesn't in America, and having to feel that creates a constant awareness of displacement in my own home.  My goal is to turn this complicated intangible idea into something tangible that can allow people to understand how I feel: wanting something but not being able to have it.  My artwork this semester addresses the implications of getting ready to leave everything you know and go for what you want.


My aesthetic is approached in two different ways to match my two different mediums, despite having the same core message.  The digital artwork has a bright, open space with a girl contemplating with her hopeful environment and animal symbols as she travels to the place she longs for.  The printmaking works take a less cheery approach, taking a dark and gritty look at what it means to leave what you know- from empty nesting your parents to literally bleeding yourself dry of money.  The line work represents the divide between reality and emotional representation; the copper plates’ fine lines show what is real and the thick linoleum lines show the main characteristic of the person being portrayed.  Animal symbols are important in all the works as they show the true nature of the situation, peeling back the complex trivial parts of the human personality and revealing the true nature of an interaction.  


© 2020 by Cecelia McIntyre